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A Gathering
A Gay Mystery Drama
9 men
Multiple Scenes

In the tradition of Agatha Christie, an invitation leads to deadly secrets and hidden desires when nine gay men, from very open to very discreet, gather together to pay for their murderous crimes.

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Before the Parade Passes By
A Family Comedy
7 men / 4 women
One Set

’s Pride day and the Xaviers have the house decorated for the “gay” holiday but something queer happens: a family member’s strange coming out, a drag queen’s legendary demise, a condom fairy’s crushed wings and an unexpected surprise plus a visit from God too.

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A One Act Drama
3 women/ 1 teen boy or girl
One Exterior Set

A bag lady, a prostitue and a Nun meet at a bench and dramatic conflicts ensues among the  trio.

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Beneath the Zipper
Beneath the Zipper
An Adult Comedy
6 to 10 men or more
Multiple Scenes & Characters

It’s an all-male theatrical celebration of the penis told through sketches and solo performances. The scenes are provocative, daring, comical, truthful, dramatic, educational and most above all entertaining. This show can be performed as a one or two act show.

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Drag Float
Drag Float!
A Drag Disaster
5 men / 2 women
One set

Total drag disaster when a big wave hits a cruise ship during the Celebrity Illusion Pageant leaving a group of drag queens, a lost lesbian and somebody's mom stranded in the middle of the ocean.

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Drama Queens
Drama Queens
A Voyeuristic Comedy
8 men
One Interior Set

It’s full-tilt dramatics when dancers and singers try to stay out of each other’s path of turmoil but end up revealing dirty little secrets, star-struck dreams and their underwear in this all-male comedy.

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Grimsby Curse

The Grimsby Curse
A Mystery Drama
Multiple Actors
Multiple Scenes and Characters

Theodore Grimsby the 8th has been  locked in a room filled with his family history and it's up to him to break the death curse before the Grim Reaper visits him.

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Copyright Notice:
All plays and monologues are under copyright. It is illegal to copy, reproduce or film any part of a script or use it for purposes other than those agreed upon in consultation with the playwright. By law, dialogue in a script may be altered only with the playwright’s permission (stage directions are up to the director and may be altered). By law, a royalty must be paid for performances and readings unless waived by the playwright.

Growing and Learning with Sissy
A Theatrical Autobiography
A One Man Show
Multiple Scenes & Characters

Playwright, Robert Matson's personal journey about fitting in the world as an effeminate man playing various characters both real and fantasy.
Gay Charcaters
Insert Gay Character Here
A Diverse Sketch Comedy
4 men / 3 women (or more)
Multiple Scenes & Characters

LGBT characters invade the television shows, cartoons and movies of yesteryear from The Flintstones to Psycho to I Love Lucy.

mr and mister
Mr and Mister

A Gay History Drama
4 men, 3 women
One exterior set

It’s 1867 and love on the open plains ignites between two men. The drama tells the story of a teacher, who comes to work  for a quiet rancher’s nieces and nephews.  The two men consistently squabble on how to raise the children and slowly begin to fall in love. 

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A Comedy- Drama
3 men, 2 women
One exterior set

Relive the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with 30 years of friendship among four small town neighbors. The comedy-drama takes place in a playground where a group of misfits reveal secrets, enter adulthood and take a different path towards life and each other.

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queen bed
The Queen's Bed
A Sex Farce
5 men / 4 women (Roles can be doubled)
One Interior Set

The Queen uses her secret bed to conquer the world. Throughout the course of her naughty little plan, the Queen gets herself wrapped in sheets and some compromising situations.

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A Gay Thriller
5 Men, 2 Women
(Roles can be doubled.)
One Interior Set

Inspired by the novel, Dracula, the character, Renfield, is brought to present day with a love interest.  The bug eating lunatic, has taken care of Master for over twenty years but when he finds love with Otto, the dry cleaner guy, Renfield wants his freedom.  He soon finds out there is a bloody price to pay for happily ever after.

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*Original Music created by Bart Varner

So My Son Married his Boyfriend in Frogville Oklahoma
A Twisted Comedy
3 to 10 actors; mix of male and female
Mutliple Scenes

A gay wedding disrupts the tiny town of Frogville, Oklahoma and parts the citizen’s views like Moses and the red sea.  The place is real, the characters are not. Maybe.

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Twisted and Diverse Tails
A Collection of LGBT Sketches
Multiple Actors
Multiple Scenes & Characters

Formerly "Tails from the Closet", the show is a collection of comedy sketches that takes a comical peek into the LGBT world. Sketches include a traveling gay sperm, a visit to gay hell, bouncing bi-sexuals and many more.

*To inquire a list of the sketches please contact the playwright.

Victoria F.
A Lesbian Thriller
1 Man / 6 Women
Multiple Scenes

A descendant of Victor Frankenstein, Victoria receives a journal about experimenting with the dead.  When she tries to bring her dead girlfriend to life, things start to go horribly wrong.  Inspired by the novel, Frankenstein.

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Where'd My Sock Go?
A Family Show For All Ages
Roles for ages 5 and up
Multiple Scenes and Characters

Always wonder where that other sock goes? Two children find out when they travel through the other side of the dryer and end up in Hamperville, the land of lving socks and other items.

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